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Do you want to get a consistent ranking and start highly qualified traffic to your website? Are you looking to increase your site revenue by starting with SEO? Or are you looking for an efficient SEO strategy adapted to your niche?

I will help you generate Organic traffic by auditing your website and improving it through Technical SEO, doing keyword research, and getting you on the first page of google.

I will develop an efficient SEO strategy to generate results.

This is what I can do for you:

  • A manual technical audit of SEO covering over 150 points of optimization (security, speed, site architecture, domain overview, robots txt, sitemaps, and more)
  • Keyword research (primary keywords, secondary keywords, semantics of the keywords, prepositions, and questions).
  • Full SEO optimization (Meta tag, open graph protocol, schema marked up, Robot.txt, XML sitemap, internal links and more).
  • The creation of powerful ideas for content topics going forward, taking care of all of your content writing. 
  • Two completed video screen shares from me to explain what I have done to improve and boost your ranking.
  • Competitor backlinks analytics for 3 competitors to show what they are currently doing in terms of backlinks. 
  • An actionable backlink and authority plan. This will enable you to understand and plan ahead, organizing yourself to start generating backlinks and improving your ranking even further.

My Services

SEO Audit

identifying and addressing any weaknesses in your website's SEO

SEO Structure

A well-structured website is essential for effective search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy is crucial for any business looking to improve its online presence and drive more qualified traffic to its website

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an essential aspect of search engine optimization that focuses on improving the technical components of a website

My Approach

The technical SEO strategy

First, we focused on the user experience. This was a completely new website and it was the perfect time for me to create one that adapted to the audience and showcased his work in the right way, optimizing conversion rates as well as optimizing for SEO.

Image of a wireframe
Image of a wireframe design

A wireframe was created of all the necessary pages.

This was created to illustrate where and how to display key elements and CTA (call to action). The user would be triggered at the right moment and guided to a special sales funnel. I also concentrated on optimizing for SEO, ensuring that every page would have high ranking potential.

Brand and style with superb UI design
Brand and style and cool UI design

Creating the brand and style with superb UI design

This is where the magic happens; it is where I get to be creative and develop a design system that makes a positive impact on the user with a cool UI design.

SEO webflow development
I develop Webflow site with SEO in mind

The web development in webflow

The main target here was building the website with a clean structure to make it load fast and be easily accessible. I also made sure every interaction was clean and did not interfere with the loading speed. I also created a special CMS (content management system), optimized for the SEO texts that Yousef wanted to implement.

SEO Text implementation
The implementation of the SEO text is really important

SEO Text implementation

At that time, I implemented over 100 texts with images on the website within the special CMS that was created earlier.

 on-page SEO optimization
Final SEO Audit and Technical optimization

Finalizing the on-page SEO optimization

Now was the time to audit the website to see what was missing in terms of SEO optimization. I also worked on the speed of the website and the data structure.

Final SEO Launch and monitoring

The launch

I connected the website to Google Analytics and GSC. I submitted a sitemap and implemented my secret sauce. Immediately the website started to gain results on Google.

The Result

Image of SEO result.

My clientele

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