Find out who your audience is and how to engage them.

I conduct advanced research to understand your audience in a human way. This is to know how they will interact with your brand, website, and digital marketing.

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Do you want to understand your audience better to make an impact on your business? Maybe you are taking a more user-centered approach to improving the perception of your brand from your audience? Or do you want to improve the conversion rate by pointing your audience to the right content to consume at the right time in their customer journey?

I have been doing exactly that for over ten years, and can help you understand your user, interest, comportment, and behavior toward your business.

My approach is understanding your story and needs to better capture the underlying personality behind a brand, product, or campaign. Many clients come to me looking for a new digital experience and leave with a true representation of what makes them unique.

I can also do qualitative testing of your website to understand what needs to be changed in the website and why.

My Services

User Profile

I will define who is your ideal customer and understand what he thinks through an interview process with highly qualified audiences.

Customer Journey

I will define the customer journey of your audience and what funnel would be relevant to engage your visitor into buying your product.

Site mapping

I will set up the structure of your website in a way that talks to your audience and increases conversion rates.

User Interview

I will conduct an interview to understand what the pain points the audience encounter when buying your product, and see how we can improve the overall experience.

My clientele

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