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Company Profile

DadTriad is a human-centered design agency with 20+ years of marketing and creative experience, combined with hands-on expertise to deliver a real-world impact on web and BRAND experiences.

They were looking for a website solution to bring the best User experience to their potential customers.

They wanted a website that showcased their work in the best way possible and attracted eyes with cool interactions.


UX / UI design & Webflow development


  • Wireframe 
  • UI design 
  • Webflow development
  • Technical SEO
Webflow decevlopment for DadTriad

The Challenge

As a creative agency operating in a competitive market in Baltimore, DadTriad wanted a website that outperformed their competitor, with a lot of interaction, to create the experience necessary to make a difference in their industry.

The challenge was to bring this professional feel in a relatively simple and easy user interface that talks to business owners looking for a creative agency.

The website's goal was to make users understand that DadTriad is the best company around and get them to fill out the form.

The Solution

In order to solve their problem and create an amazing website that gets results, we started by understanding who their target audiences were and what content was needed to be on the website to make an impact on their customers.

We went on with a wireframe to see how we could interact and persuade the person who would visit their website.

Once the structure of the pages was set up, I started to design the Interface of the website with all the components in mind to bring the most interactive and attractive UI.

Then we moved on to the Webflow development phase, where the website came to life.

After carefully executing quality control, I did the website's final SEO audit and fixed every Technical SEO problem I faced.

webflow website for Dadtriad
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The Result

As a result, DadTriad gets a website that is in absolute harmony with its brand and has all the components necessary to create this Wow experience and engage them in understanding who DadTriad is.

Exceptional developer with a great understanding of his craft. His projects are a labor of love for him, and that shows in the quality of his work. Throughout the project, he will keep you involved and take you on a creative journey. With blazing speed, he comes up with answers to everything. The freelance gigs that a confident senior-level UX/UI designer is offering are nothing compared to what he deserves. With confidence, I would recommend him for any kind of  design work.

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Aamir Iqbal

CEO at DadTriad

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