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Smirnov's Cabinetry is one of the triangle's premier custom cabinet shops. Established in 1994, Smirnov is located in downtown Durham.

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UX / UI design & webflow development


  • Wireframe 
  • UI design 
  • Webflow development
  • Technical SEO

Smirnov's Cabinetry Design specializes in custom residential and commercial woodworking. We have over 25 years of experience designing, building, and installing cabinets.

Vitaliy Smirnov was looking for a Website solution to create a beautiful Experience for the couple and families that want to redo their kitchens.

 He wanted a website that showcased their work in the best way possible as well as attracting as well as make the visitor understand that they were experts in working with wood.

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When Vitaliy contacted me, he was looking for a solution to showcase his work in a way that represents him and demonstrates the quality of his cabinetry design. The main goal was to invite clients looking to create a kitchen from high-quality cabinetry to contact them for a quote and request further information.

As a Kitchen designer with 25 years of experience, Vitaliy wanted a website that outperformed his competitor and showcased the quality of his work.

The challenge was to bring this professional feel and show that he is an expert in working with woods.

The website's goal was to make users understand that Smirnov Cabinet Design is the best company and get users to fill out the form.

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The first step was to understand what Vitaliy was doing and who his ideal customer was to bring a solution representing him and talk to his potential clients.

 We went on creating the whole visual branding with a logo, color pallet, typography, and everything needed to show the company in the best way possible.

Once we had the brand, we went on wireframing all the pages to make a good experience with all the elements necessary to convert visitors into actual customers. 

Once the structure of the pages was set up, I started to design the Interface of the website with all the components in mind to bring the most interactive and attractive UI.

Then we moved on to the Webflow development phase, where the website came to life.

After carefully executing Quality control, I did the website's final SEO audit and fixed every Technical SEO problem I faced.

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Smirnov's Cabinetry Design has now been re-branded to represent what the business does. As a result, the website engages far more powerfully with visitors, and Vitaliy has seen an increase in leads since the implementation of the new site.

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They love working
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Vitaliy Smirnov

Awesome! Enjoyed the collaboration and I'm very happy with the outcome of my website. Dominique is a true professional who understands what works for your target customers. I look forward to working with him again in future.

Vitaliy Smirnov

Founder Of Smirnov's Cabinet Design

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