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My Name is Bond, an agency specializing in automating Prospecting on Social Media.

My Name is Bond company website with a sleek and modern design



UX / UI design, Webflow development & SEO


  • Wireframe 
  • UI design 
  • Webflow development
  • Technical SEO

My Name is Bond is the first agency to automate prospecting on social networks. Agency, because all our virtual robots are operated 24 hours a day by humans. Automation, because we believe that some jobs in the future should be done by robots, not by humans doing repetitive, boring tasks.

When the team of My Name Is Bond contacted me, they were looking to rebrand their company as well as adding more services to their business.

The goal of the website was to increase lead generation.

My Name is Bond company website with a sleek and intuitive interface


The challenge when working with My Name Is Bond is to create a website adapted to its targeted audience and increase its conversion rate without losing the SEO ranking of the previous website.

They wanted to add and remove pages from their existing website, so a lot of technical SEO was involved in the process.

My Name is Bond company website with customizable templates and design options


In order to solve their problem and create an amazing website that gets results, we started by understanding who their target audiences were and what content was needed to be on the website to make an impact on their customers.

 We went on creating the whole visual branding with a logo, color pallet, typography, and everything needed to show the company in the best way possible.

Once we had the brand, we went on wireframing all the pages to make a good experience with all the elements necessary to convert visitors into actual customers. 

Once the structure of the pages was set up, I started to design the Interface of the website with all the components in mind to bring the most interactive and attractive UI.

Then we moved on to the Webflow development phase, where the website came to life.

After carefully executing Quality control, I did the final SEO audit of the website and fixed every Technical SEO problem I faced.

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The whole point of redesigning My Name Is Bond was to create a modern website that is SEO centered and to showcase their services. The result is a website that is SEO optimized, performs well with the search engines, and, more importantly, doesn’t lose ranking.

My Name is Bond company website optimized for search engines and user experience

They love working
with me

My Name is Bond company website with a focus on quality and innovation

Dominique created an amazing design for our company. He was fast communicative and gave us a lot of ideas to make our website appealing to our audience and stand out from our competitor. He is a truly expert with really good communication and willing to help to make the best website possible. If you need a stunning website, you should give him a try. Thank you, for the nice work!

Pierre Paris

CEO At My Name Is Bond

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